Story Time Tales
A Collection of Inspirational Stories

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All stories teach us something,
and promise us something,
whether they're true or invented,
legend or fact.
Stewart O'Nan

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All stories appearing on Story Time Tales are believed to be in the public domain unless attributed otherwise. Please let us know if this is not true of this particular story.

About This WebSite

Several years ago, after already having several websites posted online, I faced a problem. It seemed that all the heart touching emails that I was receiving in a constant stream from my online friends and family members, was going to be lost to future generations ... and to those today who just happened to not be on any of our mailing lists. That seemed such a waste to me. But what could I do about it?

Well, it just so happened at that particular time I was the webmaster for our church website. And, as is too often the case with church websites, nobody else seemed interested in putting all of the various church group news, activities, etc., onto the website ... or even those who expressed interest took forever to supply me with their content to be posted online.

So I came up with the idea to place those stories into a permanent online archive that would be able to continue to minister to the hearts of other people as they happened to stumble upon my collection of stories. And that was the beginning of what you see here today, the Story Time Tales collection of stories.

As time went by the collection continued to grow. At times more than one story a day was being added just from those I received from my circle of online friends. It wasn't long before there was one hundred, then two hundred, and on up to three hundred stories in the collection.

All things have a way of coming to an end. And so my time serving as webmaster for that church website came to an end and others took my place in that responsibility. Since they experessed no interest in continueing to add new stories into the collection, and since I received such a blessing from receiving, editing, and posting the stories, I requested and received permission to make this collection an online ministry unto itself apart from the rest of the church website.

And that is what you find here today.

Most of the stories in this collection touch your heart with the warmth of God's Love and remind us of our calling to become more like Jesus Christ each day. I pray that you have been spoken to by God's Holy Spirit through these stories today, that you will bookmark this site and come back again real soon, and that you will tell your friends about this collection of stories so that they can touch their hearts as well.

And if you have or come across a good story, then we invite you to submit it for inclusion as a part of this collection.

Thank you for spending some time here at Story Time Tales today!

Stoy Time Tales
Roger Baxter

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