Story Time Tales
A Collection of Inspirational Stories

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All stories teach us something,
and promise us something,
whether they're true or invented,
legend or fact.
Stewart O'Nan

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All stories appearing on Story Time Tales are believed to be in the public domain unless attributed otherwise. Please let us know if this is not true of this particular story.

About the Editor

Hello and welcome to the Story Time Tales website! My name is Roger Baxter. I am the creator, editor, and programmer for this website.

My background in publishing and printing began while I was a student at Harlem High School in (the Loves Park area of) Rockford, Illinois. As the leader of a church youth project at Faith Tabernacle we began writing, editing, printing, binding, addressing, and distributing the monthly mini-magazine Faith Herald. And I suppose that this began my facination with the 'power of the printed word'.

After graduating from Harlem High I got a job running a small printing press for a local manufacturing company printing product labels. And after graduating from Southwest Baptist College (now known as Southwest Baptist University) I got a job, again, running a printing press!

My career thus began on the print production or manufacturing side of the publishing business. And I served several years as a print manufacturing manager. Later I made the transition to working on the purchasing side of the printing industry as a member of the advertising department of a top 30 U.S. retailer. And for several years I worked for an advertising agency sourcing and overseeing print production projects.

The effects of living in a world of corporate outsourcing, downsizing, and sending work off shore has affected my life twice. The first time was after being given the task of setting up relationships and processes with outside companies, my job (which had been overseeing those services being performed by my reporting employees) was eliminated along with that of my reports. And the second time was when the decline of the textile and furniture economy of North Carolina accelerated, even though I was working in a service industry capacity for those companies, I fould myself out of work again.

So recently I have been trying to sell my services to some new employer while performing web development work for non-profits ... which is not very profitable!

Plus I have been working on an Internet based (web services) project management system to handle project scheduling, job tracking, progress reporting, individual to do lists, automatic deviation alert emails, cost management, and productivity management functions for project oriented organizations like advertising agencies, internal advertising departments, publishers, printers, etc. This is really just an upgrade to the system I first developed many years ago while managing the production at a publishing company and later enhanced while managing the advertising production for a major retailer. When completed I believe that it will be the best tool available anywhere for project management. Then I will just need to license it for use by a few companies!

And, of course, I have been working on this website - Story Time Tales. It became a passion of mine while doing volunteer work on my home church website. My soul was stirred by many of the emails being forwarded between various friends and web aquaintances and I couldn't bring myself to just delete some of those messages. So I started keeping a few of the best ones and posting them online for others to be able to find and read ... hoping that the stories would help some other soul some day. Thousands of visitors showed up to read these stories. And when I stopped working on that church website I was granted the priviledge of carrying on that online ministry as you find it here today.

I hope that your heart has been touched by these stories and tales as mine has. And I pray that God's Spirit will continue to touch and minister to those who read these stories for many years to come.

Thank you for visiting with us today. Please come back again real soon. And invite your friends to visit as well.

Stoy Time Tales
Roger Baxter

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